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A Day with Ratatouille and an almost 2-year-old

February 18, 2008

We decided to start a Valentine’s Day tradition at our house. Kenny was really wonderful trying to arrange for his mom to babysit so we could go out, but now that we’re parents, I’m pretty sure we’ll be spending most of our Valentine evenings at home with our kids. So, while Kenny was at work and Kennison was at day care, I baked a red velvet cake (Kenny really likes red velvet cake) and frosted it. Then, when Kenny and Kennison got home, Kennison helped me decorate the cake. I bought Valentine-themed sprinkles and a tube of pink gel icing, thinking Kennison would have a great time with these tools. Well, keep in mind, she’s not quite 2 – she doesn’t write, and when she does use a writing utensil, she has to touch her pen/crayon/marker to the paper to see its ink. I should have thought of this. I showed her how to squeeze the icing on to the cake to make swirl designs. When I handed it over, she immediately stuck it into the side of the cake and tore a big hole into the cream cheese frosting. Oh well. She can use the sprinkles, I thought. The sprinkles came in a container divided into 4 compartments with 4 separate lids. She promptly removed all the lids and dumped most of the container onto the cake. It was quite lovely. The sad thing is, she managed to accomplish this under my close supervision and in front of Kenny (who was behind the camera documenting this experience). The cake still tastes good. I look forward to decorating a Valentine’s Day cake with her (and eventually Colton) every year.



 Also, when Kennison and Kenny came through the door, Kennison was carrying a beautiful bunch of roses – Kenny and the kids’ way of saying, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” We tried to take a picture of Kennison with the flowers, but she wasn’t really cooperating. It looks like she’s growling. Oh well.


On Saturday, Kenny and I tried to get Kennison to watch “Ratatouille” with us. Kennison’s 2nd birthday is next Sunday, and her birthday party has a Ratatouille theme (because let’s face it – she’s going to be 2. She doesn’t really have any favorite characters, and she’ll never have a Ratatouille party again. Besides, all the Ratatouille stuff was on clearance. I’m on maternity leave, so we’re celebrating on a budget.) Anyway, we thought we might be able to get her to sit quietly on our laps and watch the movie, and MAYBE she’d fall asleep (she refused to take a nap for Kenny while I was out, and if she won’t nap for Kenny, she won’t nap for anyone). Well, that didn’t go so well. She was up playing – mostly with her musical toys so Kenny and I couldn’t hear the movie, either – and forcing Colton to take a pacifier. She wants so much to help, but of course she doesn’t understand how gentle she needs to be. When he drops his pacifier, she tries (not gently at all) to put it back in his mouth, just shoving it his general direction. If his mouth is not open, by golly, she’s going to get it in there! If he does cooperate and let the pacifier in, she insists on holding it in place and won’t take her hand away. She’s also usually putting a lot of pressure on the pacifier; you know, just to make sure it doesn’t fall out again! Such a big helper!


Of course, she did manage to fall asleep on my lap right before 5:00. This would be the case since we were needing to leave to have dinner with Tori and Mike. Naps at 5:00 are always ideal when your child has an 8:00 bedtime. Suffice it to say, she was not happy when we woke her up and she was fussy the rest of the evening. Good times.


Kennison also loves to help feed Colton. The other day, I put Kennison on my lap, and Kenny placed Colton in our arms. I gave Kennison control (mostly) of the bottle, with my hand on it simply to guide it (and to keep it from being shoved down Colton’s throat). Anyway, she would give him the bottle, only to pull it out of his mouth a moment later. I kept telling her she needed to let the baby eat. She would then put the bottle back in his mouth, lean over, and kiss his forehead. I couldn’t figure out why she had to pull the bottle out and then give it back to him and THEN kiss him, but then I realized that she had been watching me. When I give Colton his bottle, I lean over and kiss him. I guess she thought she had to give him the bottle to give him a kiss. It was very cute. Too bad Colton was starving while Kennison took her time. 🙂 We have two very sweet children!

Kennison feeding Colton

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