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Just more cute photos

February 27, 2008

I don’t really have a lot to tell about today.dsc00338.jpg I’m just here to post pictures! Tori took pictures throughout Kennison’s birthday party, so here are some of those photos.


Tori watched Colton for me while I went to the dentist, so she was able to take some great photos of him and Jack today. Here are a couple.


Once I got home, Jack fell asleep on the couch. kennison-colton-024.jpgTori and Mike are trying to get Jack attached to this little puppy blanket he has, but today Tori accidentally left it at home. Don’t worry, Jack found something else to hold onto while he napped. Yes, that’s Tori’s leg. kennison-colton-025.jpg

Also, I bought matching outfits for our kiddos kennison-colton-035.jpgbefore Colton was born so we’d have a great photo op after he arrived. Well, it occured to me today that Kennison was probably about to outgrow her outfit (it’s a 12-18 month size) so we had better get the picture taken! kennison-colton-040.jpg 


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