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My hopes for Tricia

March 10, 2008

I was recently led to a blog titled “Confessions of a CF husband”. ( is the amazing journey of a family in NC and the strength and love they have for each other. I have never met these people, but their story has touched my life, and now I find myself tuning in daily to learn of the new miracles they are witnessing and the prayers they are saying and ALWAYS hoping for more good news, and more inspiring thoughts. It’s odd – you would think a family experiencing their life experiences would need inspiration from others; I know I would be hanging my head in sorrow and questioning God more than praising Him. However, this blog of theirs, filled with the story of their lives, inspires me and gives me hope on a daily basis. So, because they give ME so much, I thought I should honor one of their requests. They have asked blogging moms out there to make a list for Tricia of things they can’t wait for her to experience for herself. Tricia, this is my list to you…

I pray for the day…

  • you start a Christmas tradition with your family, whether it be decorating a tree, frosting Christmas cookies, or kneeling in prayer at a midnight Christmas eve service
  • you change a poopy diaper and say, “I’ve never seen that color before”
  • you give your daughter ketchup for her chicken nuggets, turn around for an instant, and come back to find all of the ketchup eaten and the nuggets untouched
  • your daughter blows you kisses
  • you rock your baby to sleep when she’s had a bad dream
  • you get excited when she uses the big girl potty for the first time
  • your daughter applauds your valliant singing efforts despite the made up words and out-of-tune chorus
  • you see your daughter fold her hands in prayer without being prompted
  • you take your child to the pediatrician and hold her close while she cries “momma” in fear of ANYONE dressed in scrubs
  • you give her a toy that does it all – talk, walk, poop – and she tosses it aside in an effort to climb inside the box
  • she falls asleep on top of you, drooling and snoring, but you just can’t bare to put her down
  • your daughter throws a tantrum in the middle of a crowded supermarket
  • she attempts to put her own coat on and ends up wearing it backwards
  • she hands you toilet paper while you use the potty and says things like, “yucky”
  • you bake a cake and decorate it together
  • she pees on the floor while waiting to get into the bathtub
  • she pulls every book off of her bookshelf in an attempt to get you to read that story “one more time”
  • she looks you in the eye and tells you she loves you – and you feel deep down in your heart that she will never love you as much as you love her

These are my wishes for you, Tricia. You and your family remain in my prayers.

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