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A visit from grandparents

March 17, 2008

kennison-and-colton-083.jpgThis weekend my parents joined us at our house. They come to Kansas City at least once a month to play bridge with their long-time group. It’s nice that they have a reason to visit us so often. Kennison loves having Nana and Granddad visit. Colton’s not quite interested yet (as I stated to my dad… “If you’re not a light, you don’t exist”) but I’m sure he will enjoy them too as he gets older and does more than eat and sleep! Here are some pictures from our weekend. Enjoy!

Kennison and Granddad are cheering on KU (or at least my dad kept saying “Go Jayhawks”. I have no idea what game was on.)


Watching the game, then Granddad tickling her leg. She was pretty amused, and we LOVE to hear that deep belly laugh. So enchanting!



Colton seems undisturbed by the team cheering and outrageous laughter from his sister.kennison-and-colton-081.jpg

Kennison dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day. Her shirt says, “Kiss Me, I’m Irish.” Don’t you know any Vietnamese-Irish-Americans?


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  1. March 17, 2008 11:59 am

    Colton looks so much like Kenny in the picture at the top! So he is a Friedrich after all… 🙂

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