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A girl and her blankie

March 27, 2008

Kennison needs her blanket with her all the time. Kenny and I cannot pinpoint when exactly it was that she started to require its presence. She certainly didn’t have one in the orphanage in Vietnam. I know we took one to Vietnam for her, but she never really liked it (it’s made out of a t-shirt material, and she prefers the fuzzy kind). However, somewhere along the line, she picked up the habit of CONSTANTLY having a blanket with her. We cannot figure out when this transformation happened, but it certainly did.

Luckily, she is not attached to just *one* blanket. As long as it’s fuzzy, we can get along with just about any blanket. She does have her favorite – I bought a yard of fleece at JoAnn’s that had numbers and letters on it in bright colors, cut it into 4 pieces, and then Tori and I tied the ends. These 4 blankets are small enough for her to carry around and not get completely filthy from being constantly dragged on the ground (though they can get pretty nasty). Luckily, we have 4 identical blankets.

Rather, we did. Tori and I took all three kiddos shopping on Monday to The Legends, a new (and very fun, I might add) shopping center in Kansas City, KS. We had lunch at the McDonald’s, then walked across the parking lot to the stores. I had draped Kennison’s blanket across the diaper bag, which was hanging from Colton’s stroller. Kennison has gotten pretty good about walking most places (it’s getting more and more difficult to carry both her and Colton in his carrier) and was holding on to Tori’s hand while she pushed Jack. We got inside the Carter’s store and Kennison said, “Blankie?” She has gotten to the point where she can be without her blanket for an extended period of time, but when she is ready to have it back, you better have it right there with you. Well, I looked at the diaper bag and… no blankie. I looked in the stroller basket, and… no blankie. Tori’s eyes and mine met, and we knew – there was about to be a TOTAL meltdown. I mean,  you haven’t seen a meltdown until you’ve witnessed Kennison requesting a blanket that you don’t have.

Well, I left Colton (asleep in his stroller, totally oblivious to the world that was obviously crumbling around him) with Tori and Jack, swept Kennison up in my arms, and made the walk back across the parking lot to McDonald’s. We went inside, looked in the play area, and asked two different employees if they had seen it. Nope. We walked back across the parking lot, looking under and between rows and rows of cars. Nope. If you were in KC on Monday, you may recall it was EXTREMELY windy. That blanket could have been in Wichita by that point – it really didn’t matter. It was gone. Luckily, Kennison seemed to have forgotten that she was missing her blanket. She was just enjoying walking “like a big girl” holding Mom’s hand on a windy stroll.

We returned to the Carter’s store, obviously without the blanket. So, I took Kennison over to the wall of blankets and told her to choose one. Yes, I thought the $14 spent on a new blanket (even with a closet FULL of at least 30 blankets at home) was worth it. You don’t know how far it is back to Independence with a screaming child in the backseat. Anyway, Kennison got a new purple blanket out of the adventure (which immediately went into the wash upon returning home – it was covered in dirt from being dragged across the asphault and being run over by Colton’s stroller). We now have just 3 small blankets, but that will be enough – right?

 (I encourage you to go back through my photos and play a game of “Where’s Blankie?” as its present in most photos. In our professional pictures, it’s behind the bassinet or behind Jack under the green mesh.)

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  1. March 28, 2008 2:36 pm

    Anyone with lots of time on their hands can also go to my site and play the same game for any pictures with Kennison in them! Blankets everywhere!

  2. Jess Arnone permalink
    April 3, 2008 12:05 pm

    I just have to say that I love your blog and Tori’s…they are fun to read! Also, I admit I had some fun playing “Where’s the blankie” in all your pictures…haha!!!

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