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Our 4th of July

July 4, 2008

We started our 4th of July by sleeping in! It was wonderful! Then we had some good play time on the bed with the kiddos. This is my favorite thing about the weekends – the tickling and the giggling of Kennison rolling around on the bed, and Colton laughing because of it!

Then, Nana and Granddad (my parents) came in to town, and we went to Aunt Kiki and Uncle Ben’s new house (Kenny’s sister and brother-in-law) for a cookout. We didn’t go JUST for the cookout – Kristin is pregnant and just found out the gender of her baby! Well, I know this is shocking for the Friedrich family (That’s sarcasm. How does one express true sarcasm in writing?)… it’s a boy! Kennison will just have to be content being the only girl in her generation… at least for awhile longer. Once this new baby comes along, there will be 4 boys. What fun!

After the cookout, Kenny and I took Kennison (along with Tori and Mike) to the fireworks in Overland Park. I’ve always loved the display in Corporate Woods, and I wanted to continue the tradition with our kids. Colton and Jack didn’t come because we didn’t think they’d get much out of it, and other people at the park would hear from them more than they’d like!


The fireworks were beautiful. I am not good at taking pictures of fireworks, so please forgive the photography.

And, here’s a picture of my favorite firecracker…

We stopped for ice cream before heading over to the park. She enjoyed her own kiddie cone and made QUITE a mess.

All in all, it was a wonderful 4th. When we got home, we asked if Colton had had any trouble going to sleep with all the noise (our neighborhood is a dangerous place to be during the 1st week of July, because there are many MANY hoodlums setting off all kinds of firecrackers in the street). The noise didn’t seem to bother our little one. What a sweet and low-key baby God has blessed us with!

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