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Pics from Des Moines

August 25, 2008

We traveled to Des Moines this weekend so my sister could meet Colton for the first time. She lives in Seattle and hasn’t been home since Christmas, and since Colton was born January 10th, she has missed some stuff! Colton took right to her (I’ve never seen him NOT take to someone) and Kennison warmed up pretty quickly.

Angela and Kennison on the train at the Farmer’s Market. We tried this train ride a couple of months ago (it was Kennison and me then) and it did NOT go well. She screamed her head off the entire time. Apparently Auntie Ang is a better travel companion.



Colton at the Farmer’s Market during the train ride. He currently has a double ear infection, which could explain all the sleeping.

Angela doing a long arms shot with Colton.

What they look like when someone else takes the picture.


Smiley Colton.





One more shot of Kennison and Auntie Ang (or as Kennison says, “Auntie Vange”).

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