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You thought getting ONE kid to smile was difficult…

September 3, 2008

…try getting TWO to pose for a picture! I took 20 pictures this morning, trying to get a good shot of Kennison and Colton together in their overalls. It is cool here today (around 65 degrees, LOVELY in my opinion) so it’s the first time we’ve gotten in to the fall clothes. Unfortunately, today is the last day they will wear these outfits, because they are too short! I’m disappointed, because this is the first time Colton has ever worn this outfit (we gave it to Jack for his christening and were looking forward to the day Coton could wear it, too) and Kennison’s outfit is one of my FAVORITES of hers. Lindsay, if you’re reading this, let me know if you want this outfit for your new little one. You’re the only person I know that’s having a girl! (It’s an 18 month size.) Anyway, you judge how successful I was at capturing “the moment”.

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