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Kennison’s 1st day of preschool

September 9, 2008

Today, Kennison attended her first day of preschool at Christ Preschool, a program offered through Christ Methodist Church. We do not attend church here, nor are we methodist, but I found the preschool online while looking for a part-time program. Kennison has been in some form of day care since she arrived home, and I think it’s given her a great opportunity to interact with other kids her age. While she and Colton do great together, it’s important that she has the chance to meet children who 1) aren’t related to her, and 2) have similar skills.

Anyway, this preschool seems like a great find – Kennison goes every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday morning from 9:30 until noon. It’s perfect, because it allows Kennison to be around kids age 2-3 in her class, and kids up to the age of 5 in the other classes. She will learn numbers, letters, colors, and bible verses. Also, Tori watches Kennison and Colton Thursdays and Fridays while I teach, so this gives Tori Kennison-free mornings, and we all know Kennison is the majority of the work of the three kiddos!

This is how our morning went: I made Kennison a breakfast of pancakes and bacon (Kennison’s request). We enjoyed them. Colton had a Gerber wheel.

Then Kennison and I got ready for school. (Colton was already dressed, but the girls were still in their PJs!) Look how cute she is all ready to learn! She really was smiling, not growling.

Colton and I took Kennison to preschool. There was a little crying (from me) and a LOT of screaming (from Kennison). But, the preschool teachers ask parents to simply kiss their children, tell them they love them, and then leave. That’s what I did. Kennison was mad. I wondered how long the screaming would last. When Colton and I got home, I started to clean the kitchen from breakfast, which was a mess. While I cleaned and organized our towel drawer, Colton did this:

And this:

That translates to lucky mommy! I had time to clean and clip some coupons before it was time to go back and pick Kennison up. On our way to preschool, Colton and I stopped and picked up Tori and Jack (because Tori will be picking up Kennison on Thursdays and Fridays and wanted to know how the process works). When we got to preschool we were the 2nd to last car. I know I’m always late, but honestly, it was EXACTLY 12:00 when we pulled up. I guess everyone else was early! Anyway, I was informed that Kennison screamed the first 45 minutes or so, and did OK after that. 45 minutes of 150… that’s only 30%, right? Oh my. I told her teacher I thought it would get better. I’m sure she’s hoping it does!

After we picked Kennison up, we went to McDonald’s for lunch and then took the kids to a new park. Kennison loved it and met two other kids there about her age who she really enjoyed playing with. The see saw was probably her favorite. I didn’t have my camera of course, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. Colton and Jack thoroughly enjoyed being outside. It was a beautiful day!

After we played for quite some time, we loaded the kids up to come home. We thought good naps would happen for all of them. Well, I don’t know how Jack napped today, but Kennison only slept for a little more than an hour, and she has been a grouch ever since she woke up. I’m almost happy to be going to back to school night by myself. Anyway, Kenny will be home soon, so I need to start dinner so I can leave when I need to. Colton is also making awake noises from his crib. Stay tuned for more in the saga of Kennison’s preschool days!

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