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pictures, pictures, and MORE pictures…

September 21, 2008

Colton is officially crawling. He still has those moments where you can tell he’s thinking, “Do I need to crawl to get to that ______ [insert any item here, especially anything he is NOT allowed to have] or can I just stretch to reach it?” However, he generally crawls several “steps” at a time. He is getting much harder to watch… which leads me to the first three pictures.

Yeah… there is no good explanation. I wish I could come up with a story that somehow makes this giant knot on his head not our fault, but the truth is, when you have a baby, EVERYTHING is your fault, because they don’t know any better! You’re supposed to keep your child safe – he doesn’t know he’ll get hurt if he tries to pull up on that itty bitty table in the kitchen where the phone rests! I was sitting only 6 feet away in a chair, playing with Kennison, and Kenny was at the sink, washing dishes… and no one was watching Colton. And as I said, he is crawling. It takes him only a couple of seconds to move from one part of a room to another. It happened so fast, but when I looked up, he had the table on top of him, and then he started SCREAMING. He was quieted pretty quickly, but then – THIS monstrosity appeared. A huge purple bruise on his lovely (and until now) unscathed forehead. My poor little boy!

Ok, so now that you’ve seen those horrible photos, the rest are pictures from our Saturday night. I can’t really tell you how Kenny and I used to spend our weekend evenings, because I don’t really remember. And, while I enjoy the sparatic nights out with my husband, I truly LOVE our time at home when it’s just our family. Last night was no exception. We played in Colton’s room for a while (the smallest room in the house, so why not put all four of us in there and shut the door?) before it was bath time. Here are some pictures of that time.


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