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Not Me! Monday

October 6, 2008

I decided to play this game this week. To read more about it, you really need to click the button above to visit the blog where this activity was invented. Or, to go directly to the description of this game, click here – and click here to read the original post that inspired it all.

OK, on with my list…

  • I did not tell Kenny I’d be right down to help him with the kids, but then lay down on the bed and take a nap for an hour.
  • I did NOT convince Kennison she wanted macaroni and cheese for lunch today just because I knew that’s what I wanted.
  • I then did not, under any circumstances, pretend not to see her eating her noodles with her hands instead of her spoon – because if I had seen it, I would have OF COURSE told her that was inappropriate and remind her we don’t eat with our fingers.
  • I did not look at a pair of Colton’s 0-3 month size overalls and tear up, remembering how he was still too small for them when I dressed him for the baby shower at Sacred Heart in February, but how he now is wearing 12 month clothes.
  • I did not tell Kennison I would give her a sucker if she would stay downstairs with Colton while I went to the bathroom. I would never bribe my kids. NEVER.
  • I did not waste Colton’s entire morning nap playing on the computer while Kennison watched Barney. I know my time is more valuable than that!
  • I did not take the kids to McDonald’s for lunch more than 3 times this week just because I have the “Buy 1 Value Meal get 1 Free” card.
  • I did not tell Kenny that he wasn’t allowed to eat the Hershey bars because “they’re for s’mores” but then eat one myself when he was not around. 😳

Those are all the “Not Me”s I could think of for this week. I’m sure there are more, but I have a terrible memory. What did you NOT DO this week?

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