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Very sad

October 17, 2008

I am very sad right now. I just read an update from the Vietnam program director at Children’s Hope, the adoption agency we used to bring Kennison into our family. The US and Vietnam haven’t been able to figure out how they want to handle adoptions, so instead of making a quick decision, they have decided to shut down until a new agreement can be reached. The news since April has been that Vietnam would process all adoptions to conclusion that had been referred on or before Sept 1st, 2008. I know I was praying (as were MANY people) that Vietnam would go ahead and process all the dossiers (that’s the pile of legal paperwork) they had on Sept 1st, regardless of whether each family had received a referral yet. It was just announced earlier this week that they are going to send all of the dossiers of the people who haven’t yet been matched with a child back to the agencies. They will not even be processing special needs referrals. Basically, all of the children available for adoption in Vietnamese orphanages are going to stay there – without parents, families, or the love of a forever family. My heart breaks for these children, and for the families who are waiting to bring them home, even though they haven’t yet been “matched”. Our first miracle, our beautiful little girl, wouldn’t be here if this had happened back in 2005. If it had happened in 2006, we would have made the Sept 1st cutoff by a mere 6 weeks. my heart is very heavy for those people who know their child(ren) waits for them in Vietnam. I have always wanted to go back and adopt another child from Vietnam, and I hope that by the time we’re ready to add to our family, Vietnam and the US will be allowing the adoption of Vietnam’s children. Please pray for the families affected by this government decision.

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