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Monkey Stitch

December 22, 2008


You may have noticed I’ve added a new graphic to the side bar on our blog. Monkey Stitch is our newest endeavor. I should say that it’s Tori’s newest endeavor, as I have contributed very little up to this point. She keeps telling me I should learn to do applique so I can help her out. I don’t know – after seeing her latest creations, I am very doubtful that mine would even compare! She has made some of the CUTEST things you’ve ever seen. Really, if you know any young people that are in need of some cute outfits and accessories, check out the Monkey Stitch page. These items are affordably priced for the little ones in your life. At these prices, you won’t care when they outgrow the outfits in a couple of months, because you can just order a new design in a bigger size! You won’t be disappointed! 

 And, if your little person has lots of hair (or not so much) feel free to check out all the hairbows. I will make them to your specifications!

I hope you enjoy looking at the Monkey Stitch items. We are lucky – we have very attractive (although not always willing) child models to display our products. Look away – and place an order when you’re done! No pressure… 😆

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