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One-year blog anniversary

February 16, 2009

Exactly one year ago today, I started this blog to chronicle the adventures of our family. I am so glad that I did! I have a terrible memory. Really, my brain is like a sieve – I tend to remember the big stuff that can’t fit through the little holes, but just because it’s big doesn’t mean it’s important. When I did my post yesterday with the pictures of both Kennison and Colton pushing the popper car separated by 2 years, I was amazed at how little I was able to remember about Kennison as a baby. This blog has been around for almost ALL of Colton’s life, so I have some documentation of his milestones, mannerisms, and life events. Kennison… well, there WAS that well-intended journal, but it is still an intention. I don’t know how soon I’ll get to it, and I fear that if I don’t do it soon, I won’t have anything to write down. That makes me sad. I did do some documentation on our adoption journal site, but not much. So, for our one-year blog anniversary, I am going to document some of the things I remember about Kennison’s baby-time. Because, after all, she is hardly a baby these days, and I never want to forget what those early days were like.

1371Kennison could crawl from the moment we met her. She wouldn’t crawl in those first two days, but by day three she was scooting across the carpet at the Rex (our hotel in Vietnam) like she owned the place. She was 9 months old.

She didn’t walk until she was 4 days past her 14 month birthday. We were at a CHI picnic that day, and multiple times I had answered the question that was commonplace by that time: no, she’s not walking yet.  That evening at home, she walked between the table and couch. That was the first time I saw her walk without holding on to anything.

941Kennison’s first (English) word was “more” but it sounded like “ma”. No, she really wasn’t saying mama.

1063Kennison hated taking baths in the bathtub and used to just shower with one of us. That is, until Nana decided she needed to learn to take baths in the tub. When my mom came to stay with us for two weeks after Colton was born, that was her goal, and she succeeded. Kennison and Colton now love to take baths. (She still hates getting water poured over her head and she cries EVERY TIME.)

1111She totally hated her car-seat at first. They don’t use them in Vietnam (and even if they did, when would she have left the orphanage?) so it was a total shock for her. That 35 minute ride home from the airport was L-O-U-D.

We took a blanket with us to Vietnam for her to get attached to, but she never cared for it. Somewhere along the way, she decided she always needed to have a blanket with her. Now her favorite is one that I made for her out of a piece of fleece, and she actually has seven (we lost one a few months ago, so we’re down by one). This is the only one she’ll carry now. If I had known she was going to get so attached, I would have picked a more neutral fabric.

917Kennison used to prefer her daddy. He was #1.

926She would tolerate me on occasion.

1244Kennison slept through the night starting the day we got her in Vietnam. She didn’t have any trouble switching her internal clock to central time, either. She also used to sleep with her rear up in the air.

When she was tired, she would suck her thumb and say, “gulley gulley gulley gulley…” over and over again.

She used to stand up and dance to the theme song of “Law and Order” when it came on TV. When the JG Wentworth commercial that said “It’s my money and I need it now!” was on, she’d yell “Now!” at the screen.

11051She was so small – the above picture was taken a little less than a month before she turned one. The outfit she is wearing is a 3-6 month outfit. She really was tiny. (Well, she still is.)

Her nose was always running. We chased after her with a kleenex.

I am sitting here crying because I cannot remember anything else. I hate that I don’t remember what was happening 2 years ago with my only child (at that time). I hate that I won’t have much to tell her when she’s bigger. I am going to go to bed and hopefully wake up remembering more details to share with her when she’s older. If you remember something about Kennison, please share it here so I can include it in a book I hope to (someday) make for her. I’m not getting any younger, and my memory certainly isn’t improving. Thanks!

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  1. February 17, 2009 9:17 am

    The first time I met you, Kenny & Kennison was at a CHI info mtg and I remember Kennison being such a happy baby for only having been home for 2 months. She seemed very comfortable with both you and Kenny and around the mass of people hovering around her. I also remember how busy she was at that picnic. Walking all around the coolers opening the lids, etc. The Tet celebration at Cafe Song was a good time as well. She ate well and interacted with people and I had a good time tickling her. Her laugh is hilarious!!

  2. Angela permalink
    February 21, 2009 9:22 am

    I remember that Kennison used to be SO nervous and shy around strangers. The first time I met her, she wouldn’t let me hold her (without crying) until several hours into our meeting, when she finally broke down from exhaustion and fell asleep in my arms.

    I don’t know if she was like this around every woman with long hair, but Kennison was initially fascinated by my long hair. She couldn’t stop touching it and running her fingers through it. I used to wonder if some of the aunties at her orphange had long hair and if it was a familiar, comforting thing for her to do.

    She had (and still has) a huge smile and was always fully engaged with people when around them. She wasn’t one of those babies who got distracted easily and lost concentration. She would give whoever was giving her their full attention, her full attention.

    I seem to remember that sometimes she wouldn’t stop crying in the car until Dad did something really weird – what was that? He would squeal or something? Maybe you remember that part. It was pretty funny and embarassing for Dad, but Kennison went nuts over it.

    She LOVED jumping on the bed. She could do it over and over and over again. We’d go down to your guest room in the basement and jump on the king sized bed for looong periods of time. She’d jump all over, propelling herself upward with her arms, then fall down and pretend she was asleep. Then it was back up to do it over and over and over again.

    Also, weren’t you amazed by her immediate inclination in life toward vegetables? Then there’s the dip…always grabbing carrots, chips, etc. to dip in some sort of sauce, usually just sucking off the dip and ignoring the piece of food that leveraged it in the first place, haha.

  3. Tiffany permalink
    February 22, 2009 5:17 pm

    Since I have never met your children, I don’t have any memories to add. However, I have felt this same way. I have not kept a journal, I don’t blog, and I haven’t even done a baby book for either of my children. I really don’t even take many pictures. My memory is terrible and I really don’t have any idea if Micah is reaching milestones the same time as Judah or not because I can’t remember. I see those moms who have every little thing documented (my sister-in-law is one) and I think how do they have the time and maybe I should have done that. Then you start to feel that mommy guilt. I feel that all the time…do you? I’m starting to realize that all moms struggle with mommy guilt over something and I really think that it’s satan! He’s the one that whispers to us “you’re a bad mom because…” I’m learning that is not what God says to us. Taking care of our children and running a home is a tough job! It’s hard enough to do all that we have to do with love and joy without falling into the trap of believing we are not doing enough or doing it right. The Lord has created each of us to be the mom’s our children need us to be, with our own gifts and things that we do well. I’m realizing that documenting every moment of my child’s lives is not my gift. I try to just live in the moment and enjoy my time with them. This turned out to be way longer than I intended. I just know what it feels like to beat yourself with mommy guilt and I hate that feeling. I would say enjoy looking back, remember what you can remember, ask God to bring some memories back, and then don’t beat yourself up. What Kennison will want to know most is what she already knows – you love her, you enjoy being with her and you are a great mom!!

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