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Kennison’s birthday

February 24, 2009

Kennison’s birthday started out with a trip to preschool. Kennison took cupcakes to share with her friends (remember those cowboy cupcakes? There were some left.) and they even sang happy birthday to her! For lunch, we went to McDonald’s, because that is one of Kennison’s favorite places (don’t judge me!) and then had lunch at Tori’s house. Then of course, it was time for her 3-year-old check up. I had told her there wouldn’t be any shots, but it turns out that I’m a liar. She needed her second Hep A shot. The good news is she won’t need another vaccination until she goes to kindergarten. She was such a big girl during her appointment! She weighs a whopping 28 lbs (which is actually more than I expected) and 35.5 in. That is the 10% and 25%, respectively, in case you were wondering. She was very brave and only cried a tiny bit when she got her shot, but the sticker the nurse gave her seemed to take care of that.

After the visit to the doctor, we went out to dinner at IHOP with Tori and Mikey and Jack. For those of you who didn’t make a visit to your local IHOP, they were giving away a free short stack of pancakes to every guest. They do this every year on Fat Tuesday, and we’ve made a point to go for the past several years. They ask you to make a donation to The Children’s Miracle Network in exchange for your free pancakes, which seems like a very small thing to ask! Our waitress (her name was Jenna) noticed Kennison’s birthday crown (she had gotten it at preschool) and after we ate our pancakes, she brought out a bunch of servers who delivered an ice cream sundae to Kennison, complete with hand-clapping and a birthday chant. Kennison was freaked out and climbed into my lap at the beginning, but when the waitresses all left, she was quick to return to her seat and devour her ice cream. It was a fun evening and Kennison certainly thought pancakes for dinner on her birthday was a special treat!

On the way home, I asked Kennison what the best part of her birthday had been so far. She then asked me, “Where are my presents?” Oh, I see. It was still too soon to tell. Smart girl. So, when we got home, Kennison opened the rest of her presents (we gave her the fun stuff at her birthday party, so there wasn’t much) and then we snuggled in my bed until it was time for her to go to her own room. I asked her again what the best part of her birthday was, and this time she told me it was the pancakes. I guess our presents weren’t all that impressive.

I still have Kennison’s birthday tribute post in the works. I have started it, but it’s not ready for public viewing yet. So, I will leave you with these pictures from her birthday. Enjoy!

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