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Burritos should be HOT

March 25, 2009

Yesterday in the car, we were on the way home from Walmart when I turned into Sonic. It was 3:30, which only means one thing: 1/2 priced drinks for happy hour. When I pulled up to the speaker, I asked Kennison what she wanted to drink.

Kennison:  Mama, I hungry!
Me: Kennison, I’m not getting you anything to eat. You chose not to eat your lunch, and I’m not getting you anything else. You need to learn to eat when everyone else eats.
Kennison: But Mama, I hungry! (There was also a lot of whining, but I have yet to figure out how to type words to appear whiny.)
Me: Fine, fine. What do you want?
Kennison: I want burrreeeeeeeeeeeyo! (That’s burrito, in case you’re confused.)

So, I ordered her a burrito. When it arrived, it was pretty hot. I warned her that she’d have to wait a minute to eat it. We had almost reached our neighborhood when the following dialogue occurred.

Kennison: Mommy, I no want my burrreeeeeeeeeeeyo. It’s cold.
Me: Kennison, it could not possibly be cold. It’s just fine. You need to eat it because you asked for it.
Kennison: Mommy, it’s cold. I no want it. I not going to eat it.
Me: You ARE going to eat it! You need to eat it!
Kennison: It’s cold! I not going to eat it!
Me: Hand it up here. Let me see.

She handed me the burrito, and it was indeed cold. I couldn’t figure this out. I had just handed it to her less than 5 minutes ago, and it was hot to the touch then. I opened it up and saw one little nibble out of it.

Me: You didn’t eat hardly anything! You need to eat this!
Kennison: I don’t like it. I no want it.
Me: (growling) Fine! I’ll eat it!

So, I took a big bite. While cold, it was OK. I wasn’t going to spend money on something that wasn’t going to be eaten, and if Kennison wouldn’t do anything with it, I thought I should not let it go to waste. Then Kennison said something else:

Kennison: I going to eat my hot burrreeeeeeeeeeeyo. I like hot burrreeeeeeeeeeeyos!

She still had a burrito in her hands. How was THAT possible? How could we each be holding a burrito when I had only purchased one? Then it hit me. She had been asleep when we got home Sunday night from visiting my parents for the weekend, so we each picked up a kid and brought them inside. We didn’t pay any attention to cleaning up the 2nd row of seating, so we had missed picking up the trash from our on-the-go dinner. I had just taken a bite of a two-day-old burrito that had been in her car seat throughout the heat and cold of the last two days.

I wanted to vomit.

However, since I haven’t gotten sick yet, I’m assuming the burrito hadn’t yet become diseased. I’m hoping for the best, but if I drop dead in the next two days, you’ll know why. Just make sure you stick to eating hot burritos, and you should be fine.

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  1. March 30, 2009 11:13 pm

    HA!!! That is hilarious!!!! And gross! Glad you didn’t get sick. 🙂

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