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Another MonkeyStitch giveaway!

May 5, 2009

Do you know what this is?bowholder

I’ll tell you in case you don’t know – it’s a totally ADORABLE bow holder!

How do I know that it’s a bow holder? Why, because I made it to hold bows – of course!

It will hold any kind of bow, but why would you have any kind except MonkeyStitch bows?

This bow holder has 5 ribbons on it to hold your daughter’s (heck, your son’s – I’m not here to judge) hair bows and clips. In fact, you can see one little pink bow on here already as an example. Imagine this filled with MonkeyStitch items. Wouldn’t that be a beautiful sight? (For the record, it only boasts one MonkeyStitch bow because I was at Tori’s house when I crafted this, and I whipped up a bow just to put on the holder for show. Tori doesn’t have MonkeyStitch bows laying around her house because she has a boy. I told her new baby should be a girl so we’ll have another hair bow modeler in-house, but oh well. We’ll welcome Charlie anyway. Maybe we’ll give HIM bows. I can say that without fear of retribution from Mike as I’m 97% certain he does not read our blog.)


This bow holder (or one in your color scheme!) could be yours! All you have to do is head on over to MonkeyStitch and leave a comment about the charm exuding from this exquisitely hand-crafted, unique item. Or, you could just leave your name. Either way, you should enter for your chance to win it! Tell a friend (then tell us you told a friend) and earn bonus entries!

Good luck!

(Winner will also win a bow like the one pictured, but probably not this exact bow – as Kennison absconded with it earlier today, telling me it was hers, and then placing it in her unruly birds nest of hair – post nap. But I’d be happy to make you another one in your color of choice!)

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