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I don’t like peppers.

May 18, 2009

What is this, I wonder?i don't even konw 007

I bet I’d LOVE this! I must simply give it a try!

i don't even konw 008

Which end do I start with?

i don't even konw 010

Tastes a little woodsy to me. Maybe I should try the other end.

i don't even konw 001

And to think Mom and Dad thought I couldn’t handle this. What do they know?

i don't even konw 014

This is great! I could eat these all… WAIT!!! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE??? WHAT IS THAT TASTE?

i don't even konw 015

How could Mom and Dad let that happen? I can’t believe they allowed me to put that thing in my mouth!

***Mom does not have pictures of the aftermath, because she and Dad were too busy trying to get me to drink my milk, eat a fruit snack, etc, so I’d stop screaming. They were hoping to keep the restaurant staff from calling DCFS on them!***

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  1. april permalink
    May 21, 2009 11:19 am

    too funny!!!

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