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Waxing Nostalgic

September 16, 2009

Doing that post that included a picture of one of my cakes from cake decorating classes made me want to do another post that displayed more of my mad skillz. (That’s how you spell it when you know you’re awesome.)

Exhibit A:


Oooh, baby. Squatty legs, poorly frosted, creepy plastic clown head. A winner for sure. Exhibit B:


Not too bad, but let’s take a closer look:


Wow. That’s some sloppy basket weave. I think the green from the cake shining through is a nice touch, though. Right? Oh, and please ignore that shell border that’s trying to fall off the top of the cake. I don’t know what that’s about. Moving on! Exhibit C:


Sadly, this isn’t all that bad – for me. The sides aren’t smooth, and the stars are pathetic, but at least my husband’s name is spelled right.

Oh, does it surprise you that I believe I should get credit for that? Well, not everyone in our class can spell their husband’s name on cake.


I mean, unless YOU know someone named Meki.

This is Tori’s cake, in case you hadn’t figured it out. My best guess? Tori started with the letters on the outside to make sure she could space Mike’s name evenly, but wrote the letters in the order they are in his name. My favorite part of this story is that she didn’t see it until I pointed it out to her. Then she did this…


…and this…


…until she had this:


Much better!

And now, for another one of my favorite cake decorating stories. Let’s look at this picture. Can you tell what’s wrong with it?


(Besides the fact that every one else happened to have a twin in the class and we arranged ourselves in an order suitable to demonstrate this.) Hmmm. 5 people, 4 cakes. That math’s not right. Maybe another picture will help clear up this mystery.


Well, that does narrow it down.

This is what happened. For some reason, both Tori’s cake and mine were at my house, and I was supposed to bring them both to Joann’s for class. Kenny was helping out by putting them in the car, but something happened in the driveway. Kenny doesn’t remember what it was (I just asked him) but somehow, he dropped one of the cakes – and it was Tori’s. It was a big ol’ mess, and there was no saving it. Obviously, there was no time to make another one, so I made the decision to tell Tori that Kenny had dropped my cake. I mean, they were both plain, stacked, white-iced cake. She would never know the difference.

When I got to class, I told Tori what had happened, and she generously offered to let me help her decorate her cake since mine had died a painful death in my driveway. But, when we went to get the cake out, Tori became wise to the switch. Why?

Tori: “I don’t think this is my cake. My icing was a lot smoother than this!”

Well then. I try to do something nice, and my icing abilities get insulted. Everyone in the class had a great laugh, and Tori was a good sport about it. Then I generously let TORI help ME decorate MY cake. This is a close-up of the end result:


Ahhh, good times.

Just a few more cake exhibits:




Last but not least, my final cake. I decided to make it in honor of my friend Nikki’s birthday. Her birthday is a few days after mine, and she loves fall, so that was my theme. I ran with it! I really wanted to make a two-tier cake, and I was actually thrilled with the results.


This used a bunch of techniques, none of which I can really recall the names of. Here’s my favorite part:


I loved my leaf cascade! I totally made this up. I love how the leaves are colored, and how some edges are tinted. I love the way they fall down the side of the cake. Yes, I’m weird. But I love it! And Nikki loved it too – at least she said she did. That’s enough for me!

But who am I kidding? Let’s be honest. I should just stick to making these.


Dang it! Now I’m craving chocolate turtle cheesecake…

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  1. September 17, 2009 6:57 am

    Wow. The cakes are great. Umm, but can you please make a post of how to make whatever that glorious looking chocolate dream is at the bottom of the page? Thanks.

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