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November 24, 2009

That last post brought a lot of views to our little blog! Until Wednesday (the day of our reveal) our busiest blog day had been shortly after I e-mailed almost everyone we know to announce we’d claimed our own “land” in cyberspace back in May 2008. Now, with 195 views, Wednesday, November 18th holds that record. Crazy!

Thank you for all of the congratulations and well wishes. We are very excited by the growth of our family and look forward to adding a new little one to our hearts and home. I thought I’d answer some questions we’ve been getting about our new arrival…

*Our new bundle is due May 23rd, 2010, but because of my Type I diabetes, the fact it’ll be a scheduled c-section, the fact that Colton was 8 lbs 15 oz two weeks early, blah blah blah, he or she should arrive about two weeks early as well – very close to Mother’s Day. I love it!

*I am in my 2nd trimester now, but unfortunately, that does not mean a break in morning sickness. Just like my pregnancy with Colton, I am sick almost every day of the week, and sometimes more than once. I am very tired, and the two little people running around me (who like to come stand by me while I’m actually getting sick and repeat, over and over and over again, “Mommy, you OK?”) have been very forgiving. However, I am grateful for the sickness, because in my mind, it means everything is as it should be. I have been pregnant 4 times before this and have one living biological child, and I was only sick with him and not at all with the others. So, I’ll take the throwing up if it means I’ll get to meet my baby in May!

*Kennison is thrilled about being a big sister again. Sometimes she says she wants a little sister, and sometimes a little brother. It depends on the day. We think she’ll really be hands on with this baby, even more so than with Colton, just because she’s older and understands more. However, we’ll have to watch her closely… the other day, when Kenny was putting her to bed, he asked her where her stuffed animals and babies were.
Kennison: In the oven. (Toy oven, in case we need to say that.)
Kenny: Why are they in the oven?
Kennison: Because they need to be cooked.
Ok then. Mental note – Kennison is not yet ready for babysitting.

*Colton has no concept of how his life’s about to change. He loves babies, as evidenced by his obsession with his new cousin Charlie, but he of course will not be able to grasp everything until the baby comes home… and takes HIS room… and is drinking out of HIS bottles… we’ll just take it one day at a time.

*We are not planning on finding out the gender of this baby. We have one boy and one girl, and we would like one surprise. However, I have lots of sonograms with my pregnancies (I’ve already had 4) so I don’t know that we’ll make it the next 23 weeks without finding out, but we’re going to try. I also have people telling me I *can’t* make it and that I’ll break down and want to know, and that’s like a dare, people. I’m up for this challenge.

*We like the name Cerise for a girl – it means Cherry in French, which many of you know is my maiden name. Since my dad and his brother each had two girls and no boys, the Cherry line will end. I will not give one of my children a different last name than his or her siblings, but I like Cerise as a first name. For a boy, we like Parker and Clayton, but those are more up in the air at this point. Cerise is a definite.

I can’t think of any other questions I’ve been getting on a consisent basis. Again, we are excited and blessed! God has already gifted us with two miracle children. Our baby girl born thousands of miles away to another woman, who we managed to be matched with (yesterday, November 23rd was her 3 year adoption anniversary, by the way – a post on that coming soon!) who we were told had a devastating lifelong illness, but tested negative for that before we returned home to the U.S. She is completely healthy and a huge blessing in our lives! And then, of course, our son – a biological child we never thought we’d have, who, even though unexpected, has been a perfect fit for us; who was born without any health problems even though he was huge and came two weeks early to a diabetic mommy – oh my, what a joy he is to us and everyone who knows him! We continue to pray for this 3rd miracle child, and we appreciate your thoughts and prayers as we continue on this journey to building our family. Thank you for the well-wishes and positive thoughts – please don’t stop now! We need your prayers now more than ever!

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