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The Silly People Who Live Here

February 1, 2010

On Sunday, I went to church to play handbells. When I got home, Kenny had made lunch. We ate the delicious potato skins together (recipe by The Pioneer Woman, though you won’t find the skins recipe on her blog – she saved it for her cookbook) and then I went upstairs to rest. By rest, I mean, dead sleep for 2-3 hours, other than when my coughing was not waking me up. Anyway, my point is, Kenny spent a lot of time with the kids. So last night, after getting in bed, we had the following conversation:

Me: “Are you OK?

Kenny: “Yeah, I’m just tired. The kids were really wearing on me today.”

Me: (Laughing)

Kenny: “I mean, I know, you do it every day…”

It’s nice to know I have the kind of husband that will step in and do anything for me, even if it means spending all day with the little people and letting me sleep. I really appreciate him. I thought it probably also helped him understand why so very little gets done around here during the day.  🙂


Talking to my parents on the phone:

Colton: “Hi Granddad!”

Granddad: “Hi Colton. How are you?”

Colton: “What doin’?”

Granddad: “I’m watching TV, what are you doing?”

Colton: “Hi Nana!”

Nana: “Hi Colton!”

Colton: “What doin’?”

Nana: “I’m making dinner, what are you doing?”

Colton: “Hi Granddad! What doin’?”

This kid cracks me up. He was also very concerned that because my mom’s picture is displayed on my phone when we are calling their home number that Granddad was not also on the phone. I tried to explain this to him, but he wasn’t getting it. Add more confusion when Kenny calls WHILE we’re on the phone with my parents and Kenny’s picture pops up. Then it’s “Hi Daddy!” even though we haven’t answered daddy’s call.


Me: “Kennison, what should we do for Auntie Ang for her birthday?”

Kennison: “We should make cupcakes!”

Me: “But Auntie Ang is in Seattle, she won’t be here for her birthday.”

Kennison: “And we can eat the cupcakes!”


Later the same day…

Kennison: “Was Kiki, and Ben, and Hunter, and Grandma, and Grandpa, and Nana, and Granddad, and Tipper, and Alfie, and Mikey, and Tori, and Jack, and Charlie here for Coco’s birthday?”

Me: “Yes, they were all here for Colton’s birthday.”

Kennison: “Well I want Auntie Ang to come to my birthday!”

Me: “Well sweetie, Auntie Ang won’t be able to be here for your birthday. She lives in Seattle.”

Kennison: “But she could get an airplane to take her the airport and then she can drive to my house!”

Yes, she’s smart. I’ve never said otherwise.

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  1. Angela permalink
    February 2, 2010 4:46 pm

    Kennison!! I wish I could come home for your birthday. I’m very sad that I can’t. BUT, I will think about you the whole day and will be hoping you’re enjoying your present from me. I will even eat cupcakes in Seattle in your honor!

    Allison, please be sure to tell her that 🙂

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