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Look at the twins!

February 4, 2010

On Tuesday, Colton and I headed to George Owens Nature Park for a special Groundhog’s Day program while Kennison was in preschool. We met Jack, Charlie, Miss J, and Mr. E there (along with their mommies!) and had fun listening to a groundhog story, meeting a groundhog puppet, and doing some craft activities. The kids colored and glued a groundhog together, then stuck him through a paper cup to make it look like he was coming out of his hole. Then came the REAL treat – each child was given a chocolate-frosted cupcake and a bag of goodies to create a groundhog. There were two blue m&ms for eyes, a brown m&m for a nose, two mini vanilla wafers for ears, and two mini marshmallows for teeth. It was pretty cute when it was all put together… but YOU try to convince 4 2-year-olds to patiently create a groundhog cupcake when all they really want to do is eat the individual pieces!

Tori and I (without knowing) dressed Colton and Jack in their coordinating gray MonkeyStitch turtlenecks that Tori made the boys for the Superbowl this weekend. There have been many times when just one of us has been out with the boys and people stop and ask if they are twins. Well, when we dress them alike, I guess we’re asking for it – but no one mentioned it to us on this outing! I can see why people would think Colton and Jack are twins – they are very similar in size, and certainly have a family resemblance. Here are some pictures from our adventures at George Owens. Enjoy!

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