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Letter to an old… companion

February 15, 2010

Dear morning sickness,

I thought you had left me for good. I hadn’t seen or heard from you in days, and I thought you had decided to move on. After all, we’ve spent the last 18 weeks together. Maybe there is somewhere else you needed to be.

However, as you came rushing back this morning, I was reminded of your loyalty. You are my trusty companion. Just when I think you are nowhere to be found, you quietly sneak up on me and remind me of your presence. You will not leave me – you will stay until this 40 week run is complete. You are nothing if not committed. You always finish the job.

Since we only have a scant 12-14 weeks left together, you probably think we need to try and get in some real quality time. Since we will not be together again after Cerise arrives, you’ll want us to take this time to appreciate each other. However, I don’t want you to feel you need to stay ’til then on my account. While it might be hard to say goodbye, we both know the end is coming. Maybe we should just make a clean break. As always, I leave that decision up to you.

Please don’t worry about me. I will somehow get by without you. Remember, while you’ll be gone in just a few weeks, I will have a new little person to cuddle and love – and just like last time, I will forget about the trials you and I had and find joy in the new little human being who will now be the one keeping me up – instead of you. She will make sure I have trouble sleeping, and I’m sure she (along with her brother and sister) will keep me from eating at the right time of day. The three of them will make it difficult to leave the house, just as you have – and they will certainly remind me that our house is full enough for the time-being, just as you’ve done these past few weeks.

In case you do decide to go, I need to thank you for your companionship. You are with me even when I think I am alone. You make sure I don’t gain too much weight during pregnancy, and you let me know early on that there is a little person growing safely inside me. You remind me that Cerise is still doing well, and I appreciate your candidness. Thank you for your steady, reassuring presence. You have changed the way I think of pregnancy forever. I will never forget you, or your profound effect on me and those who live with me. Your impression is lasting.

No regrets,

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